Starcreek Astronomical Society
Woodward, Oklahoma
Starcreek Astronomical Society is a member of the Night Sky network.

About SAS

SAS Meetings
We meet the second Saturday of each month.  
Woodward Location:  Trinity Lutheran Church 1518 14th Street
Buffalo location: north side, HWY 54 and Bruhle Street, NW corner, The Daley Planet.
Times:  3:00-5:00 p.m.
     Dates for 2017-Second Saturdays.
Jan.14-WWD, Feb 11-WWD, March 11-WWD, April 8-WWD, May 8-WWD, June 10-WWD
July 15-SLL, Aug 12-WWD, Sept  9-WWD, Oct 14-WWD, Nov 11-WWD, Dec. chrismas Dinner-TBA              
Summer meetings:
Typically, we meet at the SLL June through Sept., and viewing nights are called as conditions permit through the year.
Every Sat  in July we host star parties at the SLL.
Interested? Email an officer and  request inclusion on the email loop at:

  Mark or Bobette at <>