Starcreek Astronomical Society
Woodward, Oklahoma
Starcreek Astronomical Society is a member of the Night Sky network.

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The Starcreek Astronomical Society (SAS) is a partner with the University of Central Oklahoma and Northwestern Oklahoma State University. UCO’s biology department field research facility is the Selman Living Laboratory (SLL), located near Freedom, OK.  In cooperation with the universities, the SAS has been very involved in hosting star parties on the site, which has a dome with a 12” telescope, a concrete telescope pad, a classroom, sleeping facilities for researchers, and dark skies much of the year. Star parties and viewing nights are often held on the site, especially during July in support of the Selman Bat Watch at Alabaster Caverns State Park. Visitors are welcome to join us for an evening of star gazing and there are telescopes available onsite for public use. Come enjoy the skies with us!
Starcreek Astronomical Society, located in Northwest Oklahoma, is a group of people of all ages who are interested in astronomy. No equipment is necessary to begin.You are welcome to come to a meeting or star party, look through our telescopes, ask questions, and learn many of the facets of astronomy. We host public star parties at the Selman Living Laboritory Observatory every friday and saturday night through the month of July after the Alabaster Caverns Bat watch (weather permitting). Come join us for a night of star gazing.
The Starcreek Astronomical Society does outreach year-round, weather permitting. We help to provide the star parties offered in July after the Bat Watch program presented through Alabaster Caverns at Freedom, OK. We also do programs for the Scout Astronomy Merit Badge, churches, schools nd more. Private parties can be arranged.

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